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USPTA's certification and education programs are designed to elevate the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches. The certification process was revised for 2014, streamlining the certification categories and testing process. All certified members are required to earn 6 credits of continuing education every three years to maintain their membership. To help them achieve that, USPTA offers the World Conference, division conferences and workshops, DVDs and online courses.

Master Professional

Qualified applicants must hold an Elite Professional rating for 10 years, complete a required number of continuing education hours and fulfill a broad spectrum of industry service. The Master Professional Committee makes the final decision on the review of applicants. Master Professionals are required to earn 6 credits every three years to maintain their membership. These members should be capable of high-level jobs such as general manager, director of tennis operations or director of tennis.

Master Professional application

Checklist of requirements

Creating an electronic scrapbook

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Professional to Elite Professional

To upgrade to Elite Professional, you must successfully complete the following exams:

  • Written Elite exam (online) – based on four subject areas. There are at least two specialty courses available that are associated with each topic.
    • Business (budgets, management, staffing, retail, customer service, etc.)
    • Programming (lessons, clinics, activities, events, etc.)
    • Sport science (motor skills, biomechanics, sport physiology, sport psychology, etc.)
    • Tennis operations (program implementation, program calendar, staff supervision, court maintenance, etc.)
  • Feeding competency (Elite level)
  • Stroke analysis (revised online exam)

You must earn 16 specialty course credits in the four areas listed above plus 24 APC credits. (Once this has been met, it doesn't have to be repeated.)

You also must submit documentation that you have three years' full-time tennis-teaching experience.

Register by mail or call the Membership Department at 800-877-8248 for your upgrade fee. Applicants can register by phone by providing a credit card number.

You will receive an email of confirmation for the exam, including site information.

Recreational Coach to Professional

  1. If you are interested in upgrading from Recreational Coach, you must pay the application fee of $175. Once this fee has been paid, we will email the study materials, PTCA I, to you. You also need to pay the difference between Recreational Coach and Professional dues. Please contact the Membership Department for your dues amount.

  2. At that time, you can register for the exam. Click here for a complete list of test dates. You will receive an email of confirmation for the exam, including site information.

  3. Test results take four to six weeks to process. They are mailed via USPS.

If you took the Professional-level exam and received a Recreational Coach rating, you will receive an eligibility date for when you can attempt to upgrade. To prepare for the exam, study the portions on which you received the RC rating. You will only need to retake those portions.

Click here to access the upgrade materials.

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USPTA Code of Ethics

The Association expects its members to be of good character, to treat the public honestly and fairly, and to treat their fellow members in the tennis-teaching profession in the same way. Accordingly:

  1. Any complaint against a member of dishonest or unfair dealing, either to the public or to a fellow member, shall be referred to an ethics committee that will be appointed by the President and that will always include general counsel. In its discretion, the ethics committee will act on the complaint, including an attempt to resolve the matter between the parties. Upon the determination of the ethics committee, however, the exercise by a member of his or her legal rights will be recognized and honored, and issues of fact or law will be left to the decision of a court of law.
  2. If the ethics committee, in its discretion, considers the charge to be sufficiently serious, it may refer the matter to the Board of Directors, which, after due consideration, will have the power to expel the member or to determine any lesser punishment.
  3. Any member who is convicted of a serious crime, as determined by the Board of Directors, will be subject to immediate expulsion from the Association.

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Division conferences

Education schedule

Testing schedule


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