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Dues and Fees

effective Oct. 1, 2013

To apply for USPTA membership or register for an exam, you must pay both the application fee and the appropriate prorated dues amount.

This means you pay:

Membership Application Fee
(Nonrefundable fee includes application processing, Professional Tennis Coaches Academy I and a USPTA membership manual complete with study materials that is emailed to you. You will also receive via UPS a new member package, including educational DVDs.)

United States, its territories and Canada $175
International members $260

Plus, applicable dues:

Prorated Dues
(Nonrefundable and prorated to the month in which you apply)

Applying for membership United States, its territories and Canada   International
October 2013** ($41.50 + $255) $296.50 ($39.00 + $240) $279.00
November 2013** ($20.75 + $255) $275.75 ($19.50 + $240) $259.50
December 2013 $255.00   $240.00
January 2014 $233.75   $220.00
February 2014 $212.50   $200.00
March 2014 $191.25   $180.00
April 2014 $170.00   $160.00
May 2014 $148.75   $140.00
June 2014 $127.50   $120.00
July 2014 $106.25   $100.00
August 2014 $  85.00   $ 80.00
September 2014 $  63.75   $ 60.00
October 2014** ($42.50 + $255) $297.50 ($40.00 + $240) $280.00
November 2014** ($21.25 + $255) $276.25 ($20.00 + $240) $260.00
December 2014 $255.00   $240.00

** These months include the remainder of the current year, plus the next year’s dues. December reflects the full dues for the following year only.

Exam cancellation policy and cancellation fee

Exam cancellations must be received no later than 14 days before the exam, or a cancellation fee will be charged accordingly.  Applicants who cancel late will be charged $95; those who fail to cancel will forfeit their application fee ($175-$260).  Certified members who cancel late will be charged $25; those who fail to cancel will pay $25 and forfeit any upgrade feesRegistration for another exam will not be accepted until these cancellation fees are paid.

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