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USPTA World Headquarters

About Us

Founded in 1927, the United States Professional Tennis Association is the global leader in tennis-teacher certification and professional development. With more than 15,000 members worldwide, the association raises the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches, and promotes a greater awareness of the sport. USPTA offers more than 60 professional benefits to its members, including on-court liability insurance, health insurance assistance and a retirement plan.

USPTA offers unequalled opportunities for tennis-teaching professionals to improve their teaching skills and increase their business knowledge. Today's tennis teachers are expected to assume a variety of business and social responsibilities in addition to their traditional job functions. USPTA helps prepare its members to meet these challenges.

USPTA is governed nationally by a democratically elected Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The daily administration of USPTA is overseen by the CEO at the World Headquarters in Lake Nona, just outside of Orlando.

Approximately 13,500 USPTA members work in the United States. The rest represent more than 80 countries around the world.

The majority of USPTA's membership consists of Professional and Elite Professional level members who work full time in the tennis industry. USPTA Professionals have job titles including general manager, director of tennis, assistant professional and coach. They direct tennis businesses, develop tennis programming, oversee tennis operations, teach lessons and coach teams at all types of facilities, such as private and commercial clubs, public tennis centers and parks, colleges and schools. A small and growing part of the membership includes Recreational Coaches, who are part-time teachers of tennis.

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Mission Statement

The purpose of USPTA shall be to elevate the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches.

USPTA Vision Statement

The USPTA will be the world's leading trade association of certified tennis teaching professionals and coaches, viewed and highly respected as an organization of knowledgeable experts and specialists, industry innovators, and as an indispensable business partner. The USPTA will deliver the highest level of educational tools and programs for its membership that enhance the livelihoods of its members, create career opportunities within the tennis industry and promote the sport of tennis.

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Board of Directors

Chuck Gill
Chuck Gill

First Vice President
Gary Trost
Gary Trost

Vice PresidentFeisal Hassan
Feisal Hassan

Vice President
Ken McAllister
Ken McAllister

Vice President
Jack Michalko
Jack Michalko

Vice President
Diane Selke
Diane Selke

Immediate Past President
Tom McGraw
Tom McGraw

John Embree
John Embree
 General Counsel
John Embree
George Parnell


Apply for 2018-2019 National Board

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The USPTA recognizes and appreciates diversity and inclusion within the game of tennis and within its membership of tennis professionals. By promoting the USPTA as a more diverse and inclusive organization, we will enrich the sport of tennis and add deeper, richer and a broader experience for everyone. Diversity and inclusion permits the USPTA and its members to embrace the world and also allows the organization to reflect its society.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee includes two officers from each of the association's 17 regional divisions, plus the eight-member national Board of Directors and three past presidents. All officers are elected by the membership through divisional and national elections.

Eastern Division
Geoffrey Jagdfeld, President
Mark Savage, Regional vice president

Florida Division
Trish Faulkner, President
Brad Leu, Regional vice president

Hawaii Division
Rick Wilson, President
Cathleen Nicoloff, Regional vice president

Intermountain Division
Hassan Humayan, President
Andy Zodin, Regional vice president

Mid-Atlantic Division
Jamie Peterson, President
Terence Killen, Regional vice president

Middle States Division
Bruce Levine, President
Joao Pinho, Regional vice president

Midwest Division
Scott Ansay, President
Mike Graff, Regional vice president

Missouri Valley Division
Richard Slivocka, President
Rod Zerni, Regional vice president

New England Division
Phillip Parrish, President
MIchael Mercier, Regional vice president

Northern Division
Brian McCoy, President
Bruce Gullikson, Regional vice president

Northern California Division
Monty Basnyat, President
William Weber, Regional vice president

Pacific Northwest Division
Bill Fletcher, President
Chad Smith, Regional vice president

San Diego Division
Conan Lorenzo, President
Dophie Poiset, Regional vice president

Southern Division
Lane Evans, President
Kevin Theos, Regional vice president

Southern California Division
Cari Buck, President
Chuck Melkent, Regional vice president

Southwest Division
Britt Feldhausen, President
Jonathan Davis, Regional vice president

Texas Division
Jennifer Gray, President
Craig Bell, Regional vice president

Past presidents
Tom Daglis
Harry Gilbert
Ron Woods

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National Committees

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National Staff

World Headquarters
11961 Performance Drive
Orlando, FL  32827

Chief Executive Officer
John Embree
ext. 117

Chief Operating Officer
Fred Viancos
ext. 128

Director of Membership and Certification
Amy Buchanan
ext. 145

Membership and Insurance Coordinator
Sarah Fisher
ext. 184

Membership and Certification Coordinator
Risa Epstein
ext. 105

Member and Computer Services Coordinator
Trevor Trudelle
ext. 111

Front Desk Coordinator
Kelli Ferry
ext. 100

Director of Communications
John C. Cornell
ext. 142

Public Relations Coordinator
DeVonte' Martin
ext. 114

Graphics Specialist
Gustavo Reyes
ext. 144

Education and Multimedia Manager
Ramona Husaru
ext. 147

Continuing Education Coordinator
Brittany Cabral
ext. 166

Video Production Manager

John Gerard

Videographer/Video Editor
Rico Edwards
ext. 143

National Head Tester
Sid Newcomb
ext. 149

Director of Finance
Michael Tomassini
ext. 102

Ellen Weatherford
ext. 103

Accounting Clerk
Julian Romoleroux

Human Resources Manager
Dana Dasch
ext. 118

Staff bios

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John's Corner




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